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Who is the Dark Pony Babe?

It’s happened to all of us, you spot a woman so confident in the ease of her amazing look that you can’t help but want to be her. Like a reinvention of Carrie Bradshaw our babe doesn't adhere to the modern rules of casual dressing. She knows how to push the limits, turn heads, and melt hearts. She dares to be the master of her own universe! When you wear Dark Pony Designs you know you are that woman.

Who is the Designer Behind the Brand?

Robin N. Fator, a self-made fashion designer with a degree in visual art, got her start in fashion re-selling vintage clothing on Ebay after leaving her job as a gallery director to become a stay at home mom. In 2009 she opened Dark Pony Designs, an Etsy shop that started as a part time creative outlet and became a unique brand dedicated to fun, glamour and fantasy. In addition to running her business and being a fashion designer, Robin is also an author, business coach, teacher, and founder of a fashion magazine. To learn more about that check out In her rare off time, Robin spends time with her husband and two sons, instagrams flowers, reads fashion magazines, and can occasionally enjoy the finer points of a top shelf cocktail.

Where Did the Inspiration for Dark Pony Designs Come From?

A few years ago when shopping for a dress for a formal event at my local department store, I was disappointed with the cheaply made selection that just didn’t have the WOW factor I was after. I decided; I must not be the only girl in the world who wants to wear a high volume, mega sparkle, glamorous cocktail dress. The idea for Dark Pony Designs was born: create a wardrobe for my own ultimate fantasy life and then share it with the world.

Why Dark Pony?

The brand name is inspired by my favorite children's folk tale, Dark Pony. The Dark Pony character in the story symbolizes a vehicle for escaping reality, a way to travel to a place of fantasy where you can live your dreams. Embodying that spirit, the label's designs invoke a feeling of veiled mystery while remaining clever and fun.

What are Dark Pony Designs' business Ethics?

Dark Pony Designs is committed to sourcing supplies and materials from the United States whenever possible. Tulle for all of the label's tutu skirts & dresses is manufactured in the USA. Dark Pony Designs uses minimal plastics when shipping and all shipping boxes are made from post consumer recycled materials.

Where is it made?

Every Dark Pony Designs item is made one at a time in my home studio. The walls are covered in sketches, mood boards, Warhol prints, illustrations, and vintage Madonna album covers. It’s a place where magic happens and dreams are created. Located in sunny California.
all photos by Jamie Solorio