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Dark Pony Portraits by Jamie Solorio

This photo shoot was a long time in the making. I am so happy to have worked with the amazing Jamie Solorio to create these images. I wanted to capture the fun and fantasy of designing the Dark Pony world, from concept to production. Thank you Jamie for helping to capture the handmade process and me as a fashion designer in my studio. Viva Creativity! xoxo

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The Minimalist Feminist Jewelry Collection

Creating a jewelry collection for every day was a challenge and a lot of fun. I didn't just want this collection to be beautiful, I wanted it to mean something. Gold, silver, black and white. Layering with mix and match. Classics with a modern twist. My personal favorites are the hand stamped bar necklaces. They are chic and subtle, but make a bold statement. 2017 is all about making statements! Ready to shop? J E W E L R Y Model: Elevia Ritchie

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One Skirt 5 Ways: The Ivory Tulle Wedding Skirt

Who doesn't want a custom look for their wedding? The overwhelming trend for modern brides is bridal separates. That's why the ivory tulle wedding skirt is a Dark Pony Designs best seller. You can literally pair this skirt with any top or reception dress and make a statement that shows off your personal style. It's easy to wear and will make you feel like princess, or a disco diva, or a free spirit, or a Kardashian, or whatever you choose.  The best part? This skirt is totally affordable, and handmade in California!  Medium and Large are ready to ship right now! Need a different size? No problem, we've got you covered right HERE! XOXO

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